18 Inches: Myths that Disconnect the Head From the Heart

Growing up, I was a sensitive kid living in a football world. I was that dude who, if we lost, I cried. Then some kid would call me a punk and we would have to fight because I had to prove I wasn’t a sissy.

This is the tension we often find ourselves in today. We know we have feelings, but when they come out, we get labeled as weak, “too emotional,” or irrelevant. In an effort to self-protect and prove our value, we perform all kinds of acrobatics to avoid our feelings and make sure that people see us as emotionally stable, strong, and productive.

The result of our rejection of emotional expression has led to a tragic result in the health of adults today. After extensive study, researcher and social worker Brenè Brown found that, “We are the most in-debt, obese, addicted, and medicated adult cohort in U.S. history.” Avoiding our emotions isn’t working out so well. Our health is taking a toll. Our capacity for deep relationships is weakening.

We have been lied to. Movies, sports, social media, gender expectations, religious expectations, and so many other voices have taught us lies about our emotions and what it means to feel deeply. The truth is, emotions are a gift from God, to us, and they help us form deep relationships during our time on earth. But if we are going to experience the fullness of the emotion gifts, we have to stop believing the lies.

So that’s what we’re going to do in this blog series. Our goal is to identify some of the lies we’ve been taught about our emotions and counter it with the truth. I want to invite you to follow along with us! And if you have a myth you’d like to see us address, tweet us @_BetheBlueprint and make sure to tag #18InchesSeries.
–Pastor Dhati

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Dhati Lewis is the Lead Pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia and the Executive Director of Community Restoration with the North American Mission Board. He earned his Master of Arts in Cross Cultural Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary and most recently received his Doctorate of Ministry in Great Commission Mobilization from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dhati has seven beautiful children and is married to Angie, a discerning woman who empowers and encourages him to live fully in his identity in Christ. He is the author of both the Bible Study and book, Among Wolves: Disciple Making in the City.
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