Race 2 The SBC: Dr. Kevin L. Smith

In preparation for the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention, Dhati Lewis will interview a variety of pastors, professors, and thought-leaders to discuss topics pertaining race and the church.

In this episode of Race 2 The SBC, Pastor Dhati Lewis sits down with Dr. Kevin L. Smith to discuss the sobering consequences of being insensitive toward racial injustice, and the importance of using platforms and pulpits of influence for the ministry of reconciliation.
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Before being appointed to the faculty, Dr. Kevin L. Smith served Southern Seminary as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellow. He has been a church planter in Tennessee and a pastor in Tennessee and Kentucky, recently serving as teaching pastor at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville. Smith is a past first vice president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention and has taken short-term missions trips to the Caribbean and Africa. He has been a visiting professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and an instructor at Lee University. Smith is a member of the Organization of American Historians and the American Society of Church History.Smith is currently the Executive Director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware.