Be the Blueprint is a ministry of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, GA.

Our Mission

We exist to equip urban disciple makers with proven resources.
Many Christians in America have reduced Christianity to conferences, concerts, and church services. But gathering large crowds and pulling off spectacular events falls short of God’s vision for His church. Based on Matthew 28:18-20 and other supporting passages, we hold firmly to the belief that disciple making is not a ministry of the church, it is the ministry of the church. Because of this, every single thing we do is intended to work toward the aim of equipping urban disciple makers who make disciples.

Our Vision

We want to be the last generation of Christians forced to leave the urban context in search of sound discipleship. By providing accessible, reliable, necessary, and current resources for urban disciple makers, Be the Blueprint hopes to be a part of seeing this vision realized.

Our Resources

Be the Blueprint offers a variety of resources ranging from books and Bible studies to blogs, interviews, videos, podcasts, webinars, sermons, and more. We are committed to ensuring each resource we produce is gospel centered, culturally relevant, discipleship driven, and indigenously tested.

Our Channels

God is primarily concerned with who we are, not what we do. When we are saved by Christ, we are adopted into a family and given a new identity as children of God. What we do is important, but it must flow out of our identity in Christ. As we produce resources for Be the Blueprint, we want to stay loyal to that call and continue to challenge believers to live out of their identity in Christ. That is why we centered each of our channels on different components of our identity. Our four channels are: gospel centered believer, responsible sibling, indigenous disciple maker, and generous steward. We hope that with each piece of content released, our visitors are encouraged to allow their activity to flow out of their identity in Christ.

Our Context

The most prominent and current contextual models of discipleship and apologetics don’t grasp the nuances of the urban context. Many of these models are based on the homogenous unit principle which assumes only one type of person lives within each target context. But that principle doesn’t apply to dense and multi-ethnic communities. In order to become urban disciplemakers, we need to move from an ethnic missiology to a neighbor missiology. Rather than embrace a non-indigenous missions strategy, we must move toward a model that raises up people in the city to reach people in the city.

Our Blueprint

A blueprint is a plan or a process used as a guide to start something new. Be the Blueprint is not primarily seeking to answer the problems of every urban context. Rather, we want to take authentic content based on what practitioners are doing in their context and make it accessible to other urban disciples.
Our blueprint is based on how we minister in our neighborhoods with hopes that others can take the resources and utilize them to become the blueprint of their neighborhood. We are committed to producing tried and true content—content that is written, applied, and assessed within a specific context before being given to the masses. Through Be the Blueprint, we hope to see churches and disciples equipped to better engage their context and make disciples where they live, work, and play.